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Pension and Health Care Facts5
The reality of teamsters pension trainwreck

Nearly a half a million teamster will have their Pensions cut in half. Union Trustees sit on the board of the Central States Pension and the Teamcare Funds

The Central States Pension and Teamcare use the same money managers "Northern Trust" how ironic. The Consent Decree Appointed Northen Trust Investments is referred to as "NTI" in the Teamcare Quarterly Report. These Trustees recieve double salaries as the workers lose their pensions and benefits.

The Executives from Teamcare who traveled across the United System and held hour and half meetings on Company time trying to sell Teamcare to United Airline mechanics said they had nothing to do with the Central States Pension.

We now know they are paid by both funds. They recieve pay and benefits from both plans. What else are they not telling us?

Below are the Independent Special Counsel Reports that are required by the 1985 Consent Decree to prevent union corruption in the funds




DOL Oversight of Central States Health and Welfare Funds

ISC Central States Teamcare 2015 1st quarter report

ISC Central States Teamcare 2015 2nd quarter Report

ISC Central States Teamcare 2015 3rd quarter Report

ISC Central States Teamcare 2015 4th_quarter Report






Teamcare Concessions and Questions

Teamcare trustee fraud

Teamcare Trustee resigns over Fraud and Abuse Charges

IRB Report on Pension Trustee Fraud

IRB Investigation Report of Pension and Teamcare Trustee

Retired Teamsters Notice that their Pensions will be cut

Teamsters fraudulent Trustees and the Teamcare Trap

Teamcare Cramdown forcing UPS workers into health plan






Teamcare trustee fraud

Corruptionn Report Slams Ohio Conference

Pension Seeks Permission to cut benefits

Teamsters Pensioin funds seeks to cut benefits

Censtral States Pension to Slash Hundreds of thousands

Proposed Draconian cuts to Temasters Draws Fire

Teamsters to Slash Retiree Pensions in 2016






Hoffa Diverts Health Care Payments to Failing Pension Plan

Vote No on Hoffa's Teamcare

former teamster leader accused of embezzlement

TDU-Former teamsters leader accused of embezzling dues

Hoffa's Ties to the mob and Union Corruption

Hoffa Jr's Record of Ties with Company Employers










TDU- Pension and Benefits

Watch as YOUR Retiree Pension Benefits fall and Health Care costs rise.

Thanks TDU, it is clear after 30 years of fighting that there is no "democracy" in the ibt.

Teamsters Suffer Major cuts in Medical Coverage

teamsters medical premiums double

Central States Pension Announces Proposed Pension Cuts

failing teamsters pensions

Trustee Nyhan testifies on Central States Trouble

DOL Report

Department of Labors Oversight of Central States Pension and Health Plan

pension fears

Companies fear default with only 60 cents for every dollar in obligations







TDU - IAM President Defends Pensions While Hoffa is MIA

teamsters medical premiums double

teamsters retiree medical premiums double

failing teamsters pensions

Hoffa Sells out Central States Pension - Again

ibt union employer proposal would hit retirees

Union Proposal hits teamster retirees

pension fears

Teamcare and Pension Trustee Resigns amid investigation
















Teamster Pension Stories

Teamster Teamcare and Pension Stories

Teamsters Pension Stories #1 How the IBT harms its Retirees

Teamster Teamcare and Pension Stories

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Teamster Teamcare and Pension Stories

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Teamster Teamcare and Pension Stories

Teamsters Pension Stories #5 The Teamster Misery Index














Teamster Pension Stories

Kenneth Petersen
South Saint Paul, Minnesota | Age 65

My name is Ken Petersen, and I am writing to you to share a little of my story.
I was in trucking for 31 years, of which I was a Teamster member of Local 120 in St. Paul, MN. I started in 1973 with Midwest Motor Express. I was with them for about 18 years, until they refused to sign the contract. I then went to Churchill Truck Lines, followed by H&W Motor Express, ANR Trucking and finally USF Holland. Also, in between those, there were very brief stints with Yellow, CF, Wintz and Trans Con.

It was a tough 30 years, long hours, layoffs, unheated freight docks, breathing lots of diesel fuel fumes. In the summer it was unbearably hot as well. Four companies went down from right under my feet. With every new company I started with, I lost any seniority that I had, plus I went back to an 85% of scale pay. In 1996 I suffered a widow-maker heart attack and had five heart procedures.

I am also a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War. When I retired, it was time for me to go. I don’t physically believe I could have gone much longer. I was retired for 18 months before I was forced to go back to work due to medical circumstances and Central States dropping their "free" medical insurance until eligible for Medicare (which was supposed to be one of the ‘benefits’ of working in the union, under this Fund. The costs of paying the premiums and co-pays, etc. were expenses that I could never have planned for and used up much of our resources, due to both my disability, as well as my wife’s, who has been disabled for over 20 years. I have been working ever since, and now it seems that I may never be able to retire.




This Bill is so unconscionable; it assaults ones’ senses and sensibilities. It is unbelievable that in this nation, in this day and age, there are people out there more than willing to decimate the pensions of so many people with NO thought of the repercussions both financially, but also emotionally.

I IMPLORE you for the sake of what’s right, I just please ask that you do whatever you can to help all of us who have been betrayed by this travesty of justice removed from our hands and put into the hands of the same pension fund and its Executive Director and Trustees, who have NOT protected our interests, have done nothing to cut costs at Central States, and we have NO tools which to protect ourselves.

Nothing was ever sent to me to indicate that I was at risk of losing my pension. In fact, everything that was sent since 2008 stated that “if you retired before 2008, none of any changes taking effect to the Plan affect you."

We have NO person who represents us. Susan Mauren is NOT OUR advocate; if she was, she would be meeting with us and trying to help us, share rescources, etc. She is a UNION official who happened to have several jobs within the union and was involved in an administrative position within, NOT a worker such as those who built Central States, the trucking companies that we helped build with our labor, our givebacks and to the Fund.

We gave UP many wage increases so that we would have a pension to retire in the last stage of our lives. We have NO protections, nothing.

Please take heed of all of the stories you are hearing; of the way in which Central States lobbied for this bill, used our resources (I am told over 7 million dollars) to get this law passed.

We were ambushed with this amendment in a spending bill – hidden from most and forbidden from the known to even have discussions on. They have NOT practiced ANY fiduciary obligations to US, the REASON for the Fund. They are the BANK for our pensions. That is their PURPOSE.

They are NOT supposed to be used as an employer where nepotism is rife and where friends and relatives are rewarded with above average paying jobs and benefits. There has been NO cutting of costs, wages or benefits at the Fund.




Thomas Nyhan feels it unnecessary to do so as he believes having the salaries shared between the Pension and Medical Funds allows him to ‘save’ us money!! This is crazy! Also, we were never provided any sort of worksheet or spreadsheet or justification as to how they came to the numbers they did when assigning percentages of cuts.

I know many of the guys who worked the same places, the same length of time, and the variances are extreme. We NEED TO have been provided an accounting of how they came to these numbers understandable and not tied up with legalese. This is our LIVES that are at stake and it is very serious business.

Central States assured that we would have no protections the way they wrote and lobbied for this bill.

Everything else is done is secrecy and kept from us, the retirees, whom they put on the bottom of the pile when determining cuts.

Thank you. Very truly yours, Ken Petersen

This is the reality of 30 years of teamsters representation, Thomas Nyhan and his friends are paid millions to oversee Teamcare and the Central States Pension Plan and they have failed miserably.

Meanwhile Kenneth Petersen and all the workers who paid his salary and gave up wage increases over their career and have their Pensions slashed, while their Teamcare Medical Rates are increased.

This is exactly what they are asking us to do here at United Airlines with Teamcare and the Mandated VEBA.

VOTE NO SIGN THE United Mechanics Against Teamcare Petition.

Don't let this happen at United Airlines.









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