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CARP Calculator for Continental Technicians

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Teamcare Concessions and Questions

Corruption at Healthcare Fund Harms Union Members

Michigan "Teamcare" Fraud Full Story with Footnotes

Teamsters Intl Vice President Charged with Corruption

12-15-2015 Hey Teamsters Hands Off Our Health Care!







TDU-Don't Believe the Healthcare Hype

Teamcare EyeMed Luxottica Monopoly

12-15-15 Petition To Stop Teamcare

Teamsters fraudulent Trustees and the Teamcare Trap

12-15-2015 Pension Trustee Resigns Under Fraud Probe!







12-10-2015 UAL/Teamsters Retro Pay Fail

12-8-15 UAL Teamsters Aircraft Mechanic Concessions Proposal

12-2-15 Hoffa Diverts Health Care Payments to Failing Pension Plan

11-29-13 Vote No on Hoffa's Teamcare scheme

11-16-15 Facebook Forum UAL and CAL Mechanics









Craft Unionism

Aircraft mechanics over the last 50 years have fought to have their own craft based union.

A Mechanic Union and Mechanic Local Bylaws built based on the same democratic principles we have fought for over the years.

Our AFL-CIO Craft and Class philosophy is built on the work of mechanics who over the years have fought to have a democratic Class and Craft union of our own like the Pilots have with ALPA.


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Articles & Fliers

Articles and Fliers covering the failures of the teamsters at United Airlines and other Airlines.

We provide factual information so our mechanics can take a stand against the teamsters union and make an informed decision on union representation.


UAL Contracts and other useful information.



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The ALPA Model

The Mechanics Class and Craft like the Pilot Craft and Class represent professionals who hold tremendous responsibility of the safe and reliable operation of aircraft in their hands every day..

We recognize that because of the limited size of our Mechanics Class and Craft and the diversity of mechanics working in our industry in both union and non-union shops that a Craft Union backed by the millions of union members in the AFL-CIO is the logical choice.


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AFL-CIO Affiliation

A big strength of ALPA is their affiliation and solidarity with the unions that make up the AFL-CIO.

AFL-CIO National, State and City Labor Councils - support their affiliated ALPA members.

These same Labor Councils will provide our Mechanics with the forum and support to build a stronger Craft Union to represent our Mechanic and Related aviation professionals.



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