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Air Line Pilots Association - ALPA

a craft based union affiliated with the AFL-CIO for strenght and Solidarity

A Strong Voice for Airline Pilots

The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) is the largest airline pilot union in the world and represents more than 51,000 pilots at 31 U.S. and Canadian airlines.

Founded in 1931, the Association is chartered by the AFL-CIO and the Canadian Labour Congress. Known internationally as US-ALPA, it is a member of the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations.

ALPA provides three critical services to its members

Airline Safety and Security



At all levels of ALPA, pilots make decisions through the democratic process. All decisions start with our pilot groups. Each pilot group consists of all the pilots at a given airline. Pilot groups excersize considerable autonomy in governing their own internal affairs, such as negotiating contracts, enforcing those contracts, and discussing issues of concern with their companies.

Members of each ALPA carrier are represented by their Local Council Status Representatives, who make up each pilot group's Master Executive Council (MEC). Each pilot group consists of one or more Local Councils, which generally correspond with the pilot's major domiciles. These Local Council Status Representatives sit on ALPA's Board of Directors, the Association's highest governing body. The Local Council Representatives elect the officers of the MEC, the chairman of which comprise ALPA's Executive Board. ALPA's Executive Council, which bears fiduciary responsibility for the Association, includes both elected Executive Vice Presidents and the National Officers.

ALPA's National Officers, the President, the First Vice President, the Vice-President-Administration/Secretary, the Vice-President-Finance/Treasurer, guide the Association's work from its Washington D.C. headquarters and nearby Herndon, VA offices.

ALPA History

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ALPA United Airlines Contracts

2015-2019 UPA Extension LOA Language

2015-2019 ALPA UAL Extension Overview

ALPA Medical Benefits LOA

2012 ALPA UAL TA Overview Average 43% Raise

2012-2017 ALPA UAL Contract

Craft Unionism

UAL mechanics over the last 50 years have fought to have their own craft based union.

A Mechanic Union and Local Bylaws built based on the same democratic principles we have fought for over the years.

An AFL-CIO Craft and Class philosophy is built on the work of mechanics who over the years have fought to have a democratic Class and Craft union of our own like the Pilots have with ALPA.


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Craft Unionism

About Us

The ALPA Model

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About the AFL-CIO

The AFL-CIO was created in 1955 by the merger of the AFL American Federation of Labor and CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations.

The AFL-CIO is a democratic voluntary federation of 57 National and International labor unions that represent 12.2 million working people.

In states and communities,the AFL-CIO amplifies the voices of working families through the 51 AFL-CIO-chartered state federations (including Puerto Rico) and more than 500 chartered central labor councils, led by officers and boards elected by local union delegates.

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AFL-CIO IAM Mechanics Union


Articles and Documents

An informed mechanic is an active mechanic and a strong union member.

Read the history and the facts about the poor teamsters representation here at United Airlines.

Our goal is to build the first AFL-CIO backed Craft Union for the Mechanics and Related Class and Craft much like ALPA. Pilots recognize their AFL-CIO affiliation provides the strenght and support to win good contracts, we strive to achieve the same.

Knowledge is power so make and informed decision on union representation for the Mechanics Class and Craft.

Building the first AFL-CIO Mechanics Craft Union

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Articles For Mechanics

Read about the teamsters failures at United Airlines.


Contracts and Information.


Vote No

Stop the UAL Teamsters concessionary Proposal

The proposal presented to our mechanics is a slap in the face to our mechanics after years of hard work and dedication to our profession by our mechanics.

The proposal would cover a nearly 10 year timeframe with no Retroactive Pay costing our members tens of thousands of dollars in pay that is due over the past three years.

The elimination of our current Medical Benefits to be force into a teamsters run health and welfare fund with the forced deduction of hourly wages to go into a teamsters run VEBA health care fund is unacceptable.

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Teamsters have been a failure here at United Airlines

We expose the failures and incompetence of teamsters representation over the past five years at United Airlines.

From dividing up of our mechanic membership to the lack of representation on the floor and at the negotiating table.

We present the facts about poor teamsters representation here at United Airlines and across the UAL system. The teamsters are the most decertified union in the United States. It is clear that the teamsters union has no place in our industry.

Truth About the Teamsters

The truth about the teamsters, exposes the teamsters false campaign promises. The reality of teamsters representation at United Airlines and other airlines is exposed in the truth about the teamsters.

We present the facts about teamsters representation. Read about it here.

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More Information 1

Broken Promises

Teamsters Corruption the IRB

Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Enjoy and Educate yourself.


Broken Promises

The teamsters campaign organizers made alot of promises to the mechanics at United Airlines most of them turned out to be lies.

Broken Promises made by the teamsters organizers shows the failures of the teamsters union.

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More Information

Teamsters Corruption the IRB

Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Truth About the Teamsters

Evil Takes over when a good man does nothing


Teamster Corruption

The Teamsters Union has a long history of Local / National corruption. We expose teamster corruption through news articles and from the teamsters own IRB independent review board cases.

We present the facts and the convictions of teamsters leadership.

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Teamsters Corruption in the news

Truth About the Teamsters

Broken Promises

An Informed Mechanic makes the right choice



The Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) has been fighting corruption in the teamsters union for over 30 years. Thirty years of fighting corruption in the teamsters and the corruption continues.

Teamsters rank and file members expose the corruption in their union while they fight appointed leaders Locally and Nationally in a futile attempt to control this undemocratic union.

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Teamsters Local Corruption

Teamsters Pension Failures

IRB and Teamsters Corruption

Hoffa Watch

Knowledge is Power