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ibt local 856 SFO

A membership divided by the Griswold brothers of LAX with the approval of Hoffa crony unionism at its worst. Teamster local 856 - SFO UAL mechanics A thru L in 856 and SFO UAL mechanics
M thru Z head south 400 miles to LAX.

Local 19 in Houston has 2400 members (not all mechanics mind you) and the mechanics have their own local, yet with Hoffa and the Griswolds the 2800 United mechanics at the SFO Point are split in two...the mechanics don't run this union.

The union runs the mechanics and their contract into the ground. They are screwing you out of any union representation.

Despite what the teamsters organizers and paid representatives claim, the truth about teamsters representation can be found in the history of their poor representation.


LM2 2014 SFO Dues Split Membership

AMR Mechanics Teamsters Split UAL SFO Union members

LM2 2013 SFO 856 Your Dues and Where it Goes

AMR Mechanics - The Teamster Local Zoo- No Voice - No Vote

SFO-Teamsters New TA Van Pool

SFO-Teamsters New TA Van Pool















A history of poor representation,crony unionism


Truth About the Teamsters

The truth about the teamsters, exposes the teamsters false campaign promises.

The reality of teamsters representation at United Airlines and other airlines is exposed in the truth about the teamsters.



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Broken Promises

The teamsters campaign organizers made alot of promises to the mechanics at United Airlines most of them turned out to be lies.

Broken Promises made by the teamsters organizers shows the failures of the teamsters union.



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Teamster Corruption

The Teamsters Union has a long history of Local / National corruption.

We expose teamster corruption through news articles and from the teamsters own IRB independent review board cases.

We present the facts and the convictions of teamsters leadership.


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The Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) has been fighting corruption in the teamsters union for over 30 years.

Thirty years of fighting corruption in the teamsters and the corruption continues.


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